Summer Camp

At Tiniciti
  • Our summer camp program runs from June through July and is offered to children from 3 months to 6 years of age. It combines fun and exciting summer-themed activities with specialized in-house field trips, special guests, and traditional academics. Please refer to the flyer below for this year’s exciting themes.

  • Summer-Camp

  • Month of June

    Art in Action
    June 4 – June 8

    During this first week we will be unfolding fine art concepts and skills with every lesson in a fun and exciting way! The children will employ daily art mediums and techniques including painting and drawing, taught by a local visiting artist. We will learn about famous artists from all over the world then create our very own large-scale mural!

    To Infinity and Beyond!
    June 11 – June 15

    This week we will launch our campers into a galaxy of fun. We will create ships and our very own space suits. We will learn what a day in the life of an astronaut out in space is like. We will explore the different moons and planets in our solar system and discover what else lies beyond. A volunteer from the new Frost Museum of Science will come and speak with our campers about how science has paved the way for humanity’s relationship to space.

    Walk of Fame
    June 18 – June 22

    In this session the children will learn about significantly famous past and present public figures from all avenues of success and notoriety.
    We will build our own extravagant red carpet costumes, then the school will vote on a movie featuring one of these figures and we will play it for all to see.

    Eric Carle Literacy Week
    June25 – June 29

    In this session the children will learn about Carle’s artistry and read many of the outstanding children’s books he’s written. We will create our own versions of these stories and illustrations.

  • Month of July

    A Party in the USA
    July 2 – July 6

    This first week of July campers will celebrate the United States together. They will take virtual tours of significant and iconic monuments and parks in various states. They will learn about what makes our country unique and awesome. We will have fun USA themed cooking activities!

    Adventure Awaits
    July 9 – July 13

    For this session we will discuss just what an adventure is. We will have scavenger hunts, team activities, tug-of-war, races, jump ropes and obstacle challenges for all ages. It will be a very hands-on and exciting week full of amazing adventures.

    Tini City Lab
    July 16 – July 20

    This third week of camp children will be encouraged to explore the world of science. Campers will enjoy conducting experiments. They’ll also explore several different science topics, such as: nature, reatures, weather, liquids and solids, and other fascination science phenomenons.

    End of Summer!
    July 23 – July 27

    Goodbye Summer… Until next year! Campers will finish off their summer by showcasing their artistic abilities. They will enjoy participating in several different art activities, such as finger-painting, sidewalk chalk drawing, Play-Doh sculpting, shaving cream fetter tracing, and much, much more!