Curriculum and Programs

At Tiniciti
  • Tiniciti Preschool’s curriculum has been developed through a combination of the practices and beliefs of several different Early Childhood experts, with a primary focus on the Multiple Intelligences of Howard Gardner. Our unique approach to learning is tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual child.


    We proudly offer our families the following incentives:

    • A clean, safe, and nurturing learning environment that allows children to move around and explore freely
    • Freshly prepared hot lunches and two snack times per day
    • Extended hours and weekend care
    • Age appropriate extra-curricular activities – 
    Age appropriate, extra-curricular activities: 

    Older students receive, enjoy and benefit greatly from:

    • Mindful Meditation
    • Dance
    • Yoga
    • Music
    • P.E.

    Younger students receive, Enjoy and benefit greatly from:

    • Music
    • Tini Tumblers (movement and coordination development)
    • Baby Gurus (meditation for infants and young toddlers)
  • Curriculum&Programs

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  • Daily photos and videos

    Daily photos and videos of the children engaging in their activities are shared privately via email.

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